Sunday, 5 December 2010

Journal Your Christmas

I have decided to join the inspiring Journal Your Christmas by Shimelle - its my first year attempting this fabtastic project and in fact my first time ever doing any kind of scrapbooking so its a little daunting to say the least!! Its funny but scrapbooking was actually the thing that got me into crafting about 2 years ago and yet I've never gotten round to doing it - its been something I keep saying I'll do and never do! I have spent some time today reading the prompts so far and looking at the wonderful pictures of previous creations (it actually began on 1st December but I only signed up yesterday so some catching up to do for me - EEK!) The first prompt is the Manifesto and I am loving this printable one provided - it comes in 3 colours - red, green & pink! Yay! you know how much I love pink! I've decided to print out the pink one for in my 'dolly room' (thats my craft room to you - just about everythings pink in there!!) and then I'm gonna print it in red for the first page of my journal and also another red one which I'm gonna put in a frame to add to my crimbo decorations and put it on the wall for the festive period! I'm also loving the journal tags and the red dotty numbers especially as I've decided the theme for my journal this year is red & white and polka dots with some elements of green - thought I'd go with traditional colours for my first one!

Will post photos once I get some pages done - first need to decide on size and find an album!! then do the album cover... then the first 4 pages... lots to do LOL!!