Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Crafty Place July Swap 'Pocket' Card

Here is the first Pocket Card I made & this one is a 'double-pocket' card. It was for the Craft Place July Swap Challenge and now that Flourgirl has received it I can post it on here! I downloaded the backing paper from the internet & printed it out - I then used these instructions here & the embellishments were actually 'free' with a magazine! Although I have since found then as a download for the computer so will be able to use them again! I really thought that pocketcards were going to be difficult but they are a lot easier to make than you think! and now I'm addicted to them hahaha...


  1. This is a really beautiful pocket card Popkins it is in pride of place on my mantelpiece. Thank-you so much xx

  2. I love your card, it is sooo pretty, beautiful coloured papers xxx

  3. Lovely cards I love the papers and embellishments.