Wednesday, 22 July 2009

An 'extra' wedding pressie for our friends Nat & Jay

Boxed album:
Our friends Natalie & James got married on Saturday and it was a fantastically beautiful day!!! We were then invited to a bbq at their home on Sunday afternoon so after delicious smoked salmon & scrambled eggs at our hotel we dashed home Sunday morning slightly ragged around the edges (haha!) where I decided it would be nice to try and print off some of the photos we had taken at the wedding so they wouldn't have to wait til they got back from honeymoon! Hadn't quite envisaged how snap happy I had been at the wedding though!! haha! There were 912 photos!! EEK!! 300 had to be deleted so we put about 600 onto a disc for them & printed off about 20 & put them in a small album that I then personalised for them!
& Album inside - decorated & personalised!


  1. Such a fab idea, bet they were soooo chuffed :-)

  2. Stunning!! How thoughtful of you. xx

  3. Aww thankyou - they were soooo chuffed!! I was sooo pleased I did it in the end cos they really were!

  4. Oh that is gorgeous :-) x