Sunday, 25 October 2009

'In the Night Garden' Nappy Cake for 2nd birthday...

I recently baked this 'Daisy BabeeCake' for my friend's gorgeous little boy Isaac who just turned 2yrs old - he LOVES 'In the Night Garden' so i thought it would be a perfect theme to choose!! Apparently when they were opening it he did a little excited jig and couldn't get the pyjamas on quick enough!!! He now eats all his dinner off the plate & using the knife & fork as quickly as he can so he can get to see Upsy Daisy!!! Bless!!

and wrapped:

Ingredients are:
Size 4+ Active Fit Pampers Nappies x27
Pyjamas - size 18-24 months
Library box set of 6 books
Plate, Bowl & cutlery set
Upsy Daisy Puppet Wash Mitt
Igglepiggle Puppet Wash Mitt
MakkaPakka Wash Mitt/Soap Set
Wooden Collapsibles - Igglepiggle, MakkaPakka & UpsyDaisy
2 bags of chocolate buttons


  1. Aw wow - thats cake is great. I nevr thought about doing one for an older child. My daughter loves in the night garden but the idea would be wasted on her.

  2. aww what a great idea and how cute!! :) Xx

  3. What a sight to greet a child. I bet his eyes were like saucers - it's fantastic! Ok so my birthday is in february and if you could squeeze Alice Cooper into a cake I would be mega impressed ;) ;)

  4. That's brilliant no wonder he got soo excited bless x

  5. Aww bless, that is such a good idea for an older child. I can imagine his face when he spotted that creation. It looks so professional, well done you!

  6. super gorgeous gift, I'd love that let alone a little 'un!