Thursday, 21 October 2010

Luxury 'huge' Babeecake

Another Babeecake I made a few months ago - I made this for a really good friend of mine to give to one of her friends - at the time we didn't know whether she was having a boy or a girl so she asked me to make a neutral one but quite modern so after seeing the 'starry' sleepsuits in Asda which I thought would match the lovely star embossed blanket from Adams (oooh its a shame they no longer do those as I've used all the ones I had and nice white blankets are so hard to find!) and the gorgeous 'kerchief' style bibs on the internet I decided on a black/white/silver colour theme - the cake was actually massive there was so much stuff in it including some pampering bits for mum to be!
and wrapped:

Its a shame as the photos really don't do it justice - I spent ages trying to get good photos but it was really difficult and it was such a beautiful cake (even if I do say so myself haha!!) It was lovely!

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