Thursday, 21 October 2010

'Snow/Snowboarding' themed Babeecake

And another Babeecake and this time I was asked to make one with a snowy theme and match their logo (turquoise & white) as the couple it was for run a skiing company in France and are keen snowboarders! It took me a while to think what I could do using turquoise & white (I didn't know if it was for a girl or boy and didn't want it to look too boyish in case it was a girl!) but when I found the little knitted penguin and matching t-shirt the rest just seemed to fall into place and luckily my M-I-L is a fantastic knitter and knitted the gorgeous hat to match the cake!!! I also added snowflake ribbon that I had in my stash and snowflakes made with my Martha Stewart punch in silver metallic card. I also added white cotton wool balls to look like 'snowballs'


Close up of cute penguin:

and matching t-shirt:

and funky hat hand-knitted by my fab M-I-L (Ilona)

and finally wrapped! Yay!


  1. Aww this is gorgeous and how cute is the penguin. Great hat too (very clever MIL) Jaqui x

  2. fantastic, what a special present